YodiLabs : Create and Fix your system

YodiLabs adalah sebuah tim profesional teknologi informasi yang berpengalaman di bidangnya masing – masing. YodiLabs menawarkan solusi teknologi informasi terhadap kebutuhan bisnis anda dalam menjawab tantangan zaman dan untuk meningkatkan keuntungan bagi perusahaan anda.

YodiLabs menfokuskan pada pengembangan perangkat lunak aplikasi , desain web/grafis dan multimedia, layanan perbaikan dan pemeliharaan komputer serta kursus dan training.

Kami sangat ingin membantu dan mengembangkan potensi bisnis anda untuk menjadi lebih baik dimasa yang akan datang dan memberikan keuntungan yang sebesar – besarnya.

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4 responses to “YodiLabs : Create and Fix your system

  1. nite yK,, it’s me pipin ( 1 of UPB Kid )

    as an experienced lecturer and a warehouse worker, i think there is no doubt about your system capability :: fixing / trouble shooting..

    here i want to ask something but i think it’ll take a little bit long time to tell you these all about,,

    a few months ago, amateurly i tried to format & install my OS by myself,,( it was Xp To W7 ), firstly i succeded, but the problem came when i tried to rollbak into XP system,,
    as my memory i pressed repaire function on the booting process, but then everything go black and blue rapidly change one another,.

    after i tried for times, i gave up, and i give it to IT expert..

    now my W Xp looks like sick again, run slow, hang , atc…

    with my bad experiences, i want to repair my xp again for 2nd chance, but when i insert my XP bootable disc,,

    it messages me ,,,

    that the disc is bad / damage,,

    otherwise the disc is good ( i test it to frenz Laptop ).

    my helpless Quest is,,,

    wud you tell me how to format hard disk from BIOS,,
    or is there another conclusion of my stuff,,,


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